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What Critics Are Saying: Show by Show



LIVE June 23 & 24, 2021, Streaming through June 28, 2021

Starring Laura Clare Browne, Erin Cronican*, Will Ketter, Juanes Montoya, Jon L Peacock*, Brynn Asha Walker*, Weronika Helena Wozniak. Directed by Erin Cronican. Stage Management by Shannon Formas.

“This extraordinary offering is the best Zoom-based work we've seen yet -- it's deeply moving, theatrically entrancing, and politically meaningful."Ronald Gross, NY Theater Buying Guide
“A Powerful Delivery that Gives Space to Underrepresented Communities in THE QUEER WITCH CONSPIRACY..." —Alejandra Enciso, From Another Zero
“It’s a solidly twisted Zoomed adventure, orchestrated to make us feel, pretty successfully, like secret curious hungry flies on the candlelit wall, desperately hoping for a juicy bit of controversy to spill out for us all to devour with glee.” —Steven Ross, FrontMezzJunkies


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SWEAT (TSP Online Production):
LIVE February 27 & 28, 2021, Streaming through Mar 3

Starring Lori Kee, Logan Keeler, Juanes Montoya, David Nikolas, Justin Phillips, Philipe D Preston, Joy Sudduth, Eileen Weisinger. Directed by Brandon Walker. Stage Management by Shannon Formas.


"An engrossing, empathetic virtual production." - Thinking Theater NYC
"The best Zoom production I have seen so far." - Electronic Link

"The emotions are pretty raw, especially when delivered by this exceptional cast." - HI! Drama
"Having seen the play on Broadway, it was nice to revisit this via streaming. The camera work, direction, lighting and sound are superior. The acting is top notch. Nothing is lost in this transfer from stage to stream. - Broadway To Vegas


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DOG ACT (TSP Online Production):
LIVE January 30 & February 3, 2021, Streaming through Feb 3

Starring Erin Cronican, Robin Friend, William Ketter, Jon L Peacock Hailey Vest, Brandon Walker, and Weronika Helena Wozniak. Directed by Erin Cronican. Stage Management by Shannon Formas.


"This DOG ACT is Best In Show." - Thinking Theater NYC
"Intelligent, high quality theater..." - HI! Drama

"Highly innovative... catch it while you can!" - Theater Life
"A fantastic sense of ensemble...” - The Reviews Hub


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KEELY AND DU (TSP Online Production):
LIVE October 31 & November 1, 2020, Streaming through Nov 7

Starring Erin Cronican, Robin Friend, Olivia Hanna Hardin, Audrey Heffernan Meyer, Brandon Walker. Directed by Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican. Stage Management by Dan Mack.

"The excellent company pulled this viewer into the situation so intensely that he found himself yelling at Walter and Du in Keely's defense. Naturally, a staged production would more effectively present pivotal physical moments, but The Seeing Place greatly succeeds in offering an emotionally rich episode of personal and political theatre." - Broadway World

"Astonishing, marvelous, engaging, truthful and downright comic at times"- Theater Life

"The Seeing Place Theater has done it again with their rendition of Keely and Du...The virtual set is dark and mysterious enough to fit the eerie mood of the performance...The end of the play is quite surprising and relevant to today’s discussions surrounding reproductive rights."- Manhattan With A Twist

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LIVE August 29 & 30, 2020, Streaming through September 5, 2020

"Best Online Theater to Stream" - TimeOut NY
"What To Watch" - Times Square Chronicles

Starring Laura Clare Browne, Erin Cronican, Ellinor DiLorenzo, William Ketter, Dan Mack, Jon L Peacock, Brandon Walker, Weronika Helena Wozniak. Co-Directed by Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican. Stage Management by Shannon K Formas. Original Music by Randi Driscoll.

"The Seeing Place Theater’s Zoom production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is perhaps the best Zoom work I’ve seen so far..."- Ewing Reviewing

"The Seeing Place Theater, now in its tenth season, offers indeed a talented ensemble of actors in a delightful late-summer mounting made for Zoom."- Broadway World

"The creativity artists are showing as they play with this new format is, honestly, delightful. Overall, this is a very enjoyable production of Midsummer, and it couldn’t be for a better cause."- Bitter Gertrude

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DUTCHMAN (TSP Online Production):
LIVE July 18-19, 2020, Streaming Through July 25, 2020

Starring Eugene Barry-Hill, Erin Cronican, Brandon Walker, Timothy Ware. Directed by Brandon Walker. Stage Management by Hailey Vest.

"The Seeing Place's reading of Baraka's scathing work about an encounter in a New York City subway car between a white woman and a Black man premiered on the same day that civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis died and even his colleagues' tributes unintentionally highlighted the pervasiveness of racism in America as well as the continued urgency of the kinds of conversations that productions such as Dutchman can foster...Both Ware and Cronican are excellent." - Thinking Theater NYC

"Dutchman is so relevant at this moment of protest of Black Lives Matter and is a testament of the power of great writing of Mr. Baraka. Both actors are great, very moving and absorbing in their roles. The heat of the day and the heat of the play got to me. I loved the reading.- Hi Drama

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February 13-23, 2020

Starring Laura Clare Browne, Erin Cronican, William Ketter, Brandon Walker. Directed by Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker. Stage Management by Leeanna Yolanda Rivas. Lighting Design by Lorena Ndokaj. Sound Design by Brandon Walker. Set/Costume Design by Erin Cronican.

"Masterful enactment...a smashing way for this group to mark their landmark 10th season." - Short and Sweet NYC

"More timely than ever." - Thinking Theater

"Pulling off Animal Farm with four actors is just the kind of dare The Seeing Place would gravitate towards." - Talkin' Broadway

"I enjoyed it more than the short-lived Broadway production of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four a few years ago." - Opplaud


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March 28-April 14, 2019


Starring Erin Cronican*, Rusty Flounders, Robin Friend, Will Ketter, Jared Mason Murray, Candice Oden*, Christine Redhead, Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia, Gaia Visnar, Brandon Walker*. Directed by Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker. Lighting Design by Eve Bandi. Set Design by Mike Mroch. Sound Design by Brandon Walker. Costume Design by Erin Cronican. Stage Management by Mari Nagao.

Show Score patrons say: "Riveting, Thought-Provoking, Great acting, Must See"

For THE MAIDS: "The Seeing Place Theater is quickly becoming one of my favorite off-Broadway companies...This delightful absurd French play by Jean Genet centers on two maids who engage in the ceremony of roleplaying the murder of their employer...Ms. Cronican and Ms. Visnar explode into a world where they are the best of scene partners. They turn the tables on each other with ease and the love/hate that is unique to a pair of sisters...I encourage support for The Seeing Place Theater because their mission is simple and clear, and evidence demonstrates their achievement of it." - Times Square Chronicles

For MEASURE FOR MEASURE: "Shakespeare Done Right. A worthy antidote [to predicatbly esoteric Shakespeare] is The Seeing Place’s rendition of The Bard’s Measure for Measure—though an intermittently choppy journey, a final destination whose modernized performances and dauntless direction seamlessly transmute 1603 into 2019. I approach every play I see with an impartial mind, but I can’t help sitting there waiting for a show to begin and judging what I haven’t seen yet based on how the set sits in silence, or how dusty the smell of creativity is. Which is why I enjoy The Seeing Place: There’s that dusty smell of creativity. And whether I end up liking the show or not, I know I’ll be party to something bold; something that paints outside the lines...I highly recommend looking more deeply into The Seeing Place and what two of the hardest working theater-makers in New York, Artistic Directors Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker, are all about." - Theater That Matters

THE MAIDS -- Production Photos & Reviews

MEASURE FOR MEASURE -- Production Photos & Reviews



January 5-20, 2019

Starring Carla Brandberg*, Michael Stephen Clay, Erin Cronican*, and Brandon Walker*. Directed by Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker. Lighting Design by Joyce Liao. Sound Design by Brandon Walker. Set/Costume Design by Erin Cronican. Stage Management by Mackenzie McGuire.

Show Score patrons say: "Absorbing, Thought-provoking, Great acting, Intense, Great writing"

"The Seeing Place Theater presents two masterful plays... an intriguing evening of theatre [that] demonstrates the unified vision." - Times Square Chronicles

"A resonate deep unforgettable play." - Robert Massimi, Geeks Media

"The Seeing Place presents two hard-hitting two-handers in rep in an intriguing study of  parent/child relationships..." - Reflections in the Light

"Two engaging performances in a doubleheader- 4 Stars!" - Opplaud


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THE HYSTERIA OF DR FAUSTUS: October 7-21, 2018

Starring Erin Cronican*, Broghanne Jessamine, Candice Oden*, Brandon Walker*. Directed by Erin Cronican. Assistant Direction by Rachael Murray. Lighting Design by Eve Bandi. Sound Design by Brandon Walker. Set/Costume Design by Erin Cronican. Projection Design by Brian Pacelli. Stage Management by Sarah Azizo*.

Show Score patrons say: "Ambitious, Clever, Absorbing, Great acting, Entertaining"

"Timeless and Classic...4 Stars!" - Opplaud

"In the Off-Off Broadway world, while it’s fairly often that you see something visually inventive, or something that makes you think, “Team Seeing Place” manages to marry them both, a much rarer feat, deserving of packed houses." - Theater That Matters

"The Seeing Place Theater is unique among the treasure trove of (sadly) underfunded small companies that occupy various corners of New York City, making theatrical magic out of sheer willpower, talent, and bottomless imagination...This play is well-worth seeing, and, more importantly, it represents the next great leap forward for this always-exciting company. " - Upstage-Downstage

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Cast/Creative Team for THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE, written by Brandon Walker: Alan Altschuler (Creon), Joshua George (Haemon), Isa Goldberg (Eurydice), Clinton Powell (Guard), Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia (Antigone), Gaia Visnar (Ismene), Broghanne Jessamine (Understudy), Trey Tetreault (Stage Manager, Understudy). Lighting Design by John Salutz. Directed by Brandon Walker.

Cast/Creative Team for MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE, written by Katharine Viner and Alan Rickman from the writings of Rachel Corrie: Erin Cronican (Rachel Corrie.) Stage Management by Shannon K Formas. Lighting Design by John Salutz. Projection Design by L Wilson-Spiro. Assistant Projection Design by Marlee Weinberg. Directed by Brandon Walker.

Cast/Creative Team for I AM MY OWN WIFE, written by Doug Wright: Brandon Walker (Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf et al.) Stage Management by Clinton Powell. Lighting Design by John Salutz. Projection Design by L Wilson-Spiro. Assistant Projection Design by Marlee Weinberg. Directed by Erin Cronican.

For THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE- "Do not miss “The People vs Antigone,” a world premiere adaptation from Sophocles and Anouilh’s by Brandon Walker at The Seeing Place Theatre in the East Village. This incubator of experimental, resistance and innovative plays is part of the La Mama Theatre Building. Almost from the start of this modernized version of this seminal play, director Walker makes a crystal-clear connection with recent history the Trump era, delivered in a comprehensible narrative making sense from start to finish. A multi-talented five cast members take on a variety of roles bringing to life this timeless play"- Arts and Culture Today

For MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE- "Rachel Corrie’s words, drawn from her journals and emails and edited by Katherine Viner and Alan Rickman, are divine. Erin Cronican is wonderful as Rachel; funny, self effacing, observant, meticulous, flawed and confused. A production of Rachel’s story, in her own words, is so strong and solid that it does not need the theatrical staging of this production. Trust that an actor on stage with the presence and talent of Ms. Cronican is sufficient. Score: 85" - The Front Row Center

For I AM MY OWN WIFE- "When you see the letters TSP, you automatically think "teaspoon." If you see Brandon Walker play Charlotte von Mahlsdorf in I AM MY OWN WIFE, you may from then on only think of TSP as the name of the theater (at 64 East 4th St.) in which he's playing the difficult role that put Jefferson Mays on the map. How impressive he is (under Erin Cronican's direction) in portraying the transvestite and the dozens of other people in her shady life. Get to TSP before May 13." - Broadway Radio

THE PEOPLE VS ANTIGONE -- Production Photos & Reviews

MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE -- Production Photos & Reviews

I AM MY OWN WIFE -- Production Photos & Reviews


JACK GOES BOATING: November 4-19, 2017

Starring Erin Cronican*, Juan Cardenas, Candice Oden*, Brandon Walker*. Directed by Erin Cronican. Lighting Design by Duane Pagano. Sound Design by Brandon Walker. Set/Costume Design by Erin Cronican. Stage Management/Understudy for Jack: Clinton Powell

“4 Stars. Through one increasingly-uncomfortable situation to the next, the ensemble skillfully endears us to their humble characters, making us want desperately for everything to work out in the end. For anyone who's experienced the beautifully-awkward stages of an early crush, or the trials and tribulations of a long-term relationship, Jack  Goes Boating provides plenty of opportunity to reflect and relate.” - Opplaud

“Sweet and Quirky - Mr Walker's scenes with Ms. Cronican are as gentle tender as any I’ve seen on stage, emanating from a great well of trust. Hard to fake when your audience is seated no more than a couple of feet away.  One of the pleasures of serial theatergoing is the chance to poke around into some off-the-main-drag theaters of New York City, into the domain of some truly wondrous and adventuresome independent theater companies...Color me impressed, and let me urge you to check them out for yourself.  ” - Upstage-Downstage

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CLOUD 9: June 30-July 16, 2017

Starring Erin Cronican, Jane Kahler, Bill McAndrews, Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia, Robin Friend Stift, Ari Veach, Brandon Walker*. Understudy: Michael Clay. Directed by Brandon Walker. Co-Direction by Erin Cronican. Lighting Design by Duane Pagano. Sound Design by Brandon Walker. Set/Costume Design by Erin Cronican. Assistant Direction by Candice Oden. Movement Assistance by Robin Friend Stift. Dialect Coaching: Jane Kahler.

"One of the great plays is being produced at The Seeing Place Theater: Cloud 9, a play of such density and dynamism, a play of such warmth and bitter intelligence, a play of such sobering and poignant import…The Seeing Place Theater ensemble, a company I intend to keep my eye on, does this masterwork more than justice in a very fine production co-directed by Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican. Like a veteran trainer, they take this beast of a play, bursting with energy and opportunity, and produce an intelligible and pointed and very enjoyable production." - Stage Buddy

"An edgy, seat-of-the-pants production by the always-risk-taking Seeing Place Theater...the cast embraces its barely tamed wildness with all the gusto they can muster, giving the whole an exhilarating improvisational vibe." - Upstage Downstage

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MACBETH: December 8-22, 2016

Starring Olev Aleksander, Tim Anderson, Erin Cronican*, Joshua George, Jane Kahler*, Lisa-Marie Newton*, Candice Oden*, Marcus Peterson, GW Reed*, Elizabeth Rose, Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia, Robin Friend Stift, Ari Veach, Brandon Walker*. Directed by Brandon Walker. Co-Directed by Erin Cronican. Stage Management by Logan Keeler. Lighting Design by Duane Pagano. *Member AEA

Named one of the Great Theatrical Moments of 2016 by Howard Miller of Talkin' Broadway and Upstage-Downstage

TOP PICK! The Seeing Place's MACBETH was featured in Time Out NY's "Best of Off Off Broadway Theater"

"The Seeing Place’s MACBETH is a sharp, fresh and stirring production of this classic tragedy: directed with style that springs from truth and acted with centered grace all around. The performances are solid and magnetic...I cannot say enough about the quality, and originality of this production: it has brains, heart, soul and spirit. Don’t miss it!" - Hi! Drama

"The Seeing Place's rapid-paced production of Shakespeare's Macbeth at the Paradise Factory in the East Village is a flaming roller coaster plunge that engulfs the power-grubbing pair at its center, along with anyone else who has the misfortunate of being in the path of their callous ascent or their inexorable free-fall to doom. There is a distinctly nihilistic tone to this gritty production...overall this is a strikingly contemporary take on "the Scottish play" that captures the mood of the country right now and proves once again that Shakespeare's voice is one to be reckoned with for all times."- Upstage-Downstage

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GETTING OUT with RHINOCEROS: July 16 - August 7, 2016

Cast/Creative Team for GETTING OUT: Carla Brandberg (Mother/Warden), Steve Carrieri (Carl/Caldwell), Erin Cronican (Arlene), Leo Goodman (Bennie/Principal), Jane Kahler (Ruby/Doctor), Candice Oden (Arlie), Robin Friend Stift (Evans/Ronnie). Understudies: Ashanti Brown and James Hunter. Lighting Design by Duane Pagano. Fight choreography by Sean Michael Chin. Stage Management by James Hunter. Directed by Erin Cronican.

Cast/Creative Team for RHINOCEROS: Joshua George (Dudard/Grocer), Rob Hatzenbeller (Proprietor/ Papillon), Logan Keeler (Jean), Autumn Mirassou (Daisy), Emily Newhouse (Logician/Wife), Lisa-Marie Newton (Mrs Boeuf/Waitress), Carla Torgrimson (Botard/Housewife), Brandon Walker (Berenger). Understudies: Elizabeth Rose, Ari Veach. Lighting Design by Duane Pagano. Stage Management by Ari Veach. Directed by Brandon Walker.


For RHINOCEROS - "BOTTOM LINE: A necessary and timely play about the power of group mentality and the difficulty of remaining an individual...The physicality required of the actors in this play and the necessity of a cohesive ensemble certainly aligns with the ensemble-driven and actor-centric mission of The Seeing Place Theater. Rhinoceros is a true group effort with most of the actors on stage for the entire show, a choice that directly speaks to Ionesco's commentary about conformity and societal pressures."- Theater is Easy

For GETTING OUT - "The thoroughly developed acting and directing and the play's script and structure are elements that set this show apart from many currently running off-Broadway...Where this company really shines is in the acting. Each character seems completely developed and grounded from within. One feels as if one is watching real people living in the moment; and while this is (obviously) always the aim of theater, it's by no means a given...The Seeing Place is a wonderful company and is fulfilling its mission by producing socially relevant works with integrity." - HI! Drama

GETTING OUT -- Production Photos & Reviews .. | .. Download Press Kit

RHINOCEROS -- Production Photos & Reviews .. | .. Download Press Kit



THE PILLOWMAN with GIDION'S KNOT: December 4-20, 2015

AWARDED! THE PILLOWMAN and GIDION'S KNOT were awarded "Honorable Mention" in Manhattan With A Twist's "Top Off Broadway Productions in 2015."

THE PILLOWMAN: Directed by Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker. Starring Charles Baran, Olivia Baseman*, John D'Arcangelo, Brisa Freitas, Logan Keeler, Daniel Micahel Perez, Brandon Walker*. *Member AEA

GIDION'S KNOT: Directed by Brandon Walker. Starring Erin Cronican* and Susan Izatt*. *Member AEA

"Managed by Founding Directors Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican, both first class performer/directors, The Seeing Place takes pride in making live theater affordable at $15 ticket prices. In the company's intimate performing space, the viewers are close enough to the performers to feel like quasi-participants in the tough, contemporary dramas, presented two at a time in repertory. Their current offering -- Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman and Johnna Adams' Gidion's Knot-- are emotion-charged studies of dysfunction, domination, torture and death." - Huffington Post

"If you are seeking a fun and creepy evening of Grand Guignol theater filled with blood and horror, you need look no further than The Seeing Place’s revival of Martin McDonagh’s darker-than-dark comedy The Pillowman. The tight-knit company appears to be having a ball as the actors sink their teeth into carrying out McDonagh’s offers up just enough sarcasm, gallows humor, irony, and snarky observations, divvied out at just the right times with just the right tone..." - Talking Broadway

"It is brutal and taxing on these characters to go to the equivalent of a boxing match in this stage with the background they have, so it is a good thing that performers Susan Izatt and Erin Cronican are up to the task. Their performances give these arguments meaning beyond what is being said. The battle of ideologies, morality, and ultimately the desperation of two women that need to get rid of the emotional storm inside of them is played beautifully by these two thespians. " - Manhattan With A Twist

THE PILLOWMAN -- Production Photos & Reviews .. | .. Download Press Kit

GIDION'S KNOT -- Production Photos & Reviews .. | .. Download Press Kit



BOY GETS GIRL with BOYS' LIFE: July 17 - August 2, 2015

AWARDED! BOY GETS GIRL was selected as a "Best of 2015" by Howard Miller of Talkin' Broadway and Upstage-Downstage.

BOY GETS GIRL: Starring Erin Cronican*, John D'Arcangelo, Virginia Gregory, Einar Gunn*, Emily Newhouse, Daniel Micahel Perez, Brandon Walker*. *Member AEA

BOYS' LIFE: Starring Mary Ruth Baggott, Olivia Baseman*, Brisa Freitas, Logan Keeler, Natalie Neckyfarow*, Candice Oden*, Daniel Micahel Perez, Brandon Walker*, Alex Witherow. *Member AEA

"GET TO THIS PLAY. This week marks your last chance to see Boy Gets Girl, the groundbreaking thriller brilliantly produced by The Seeing Place at the Clarion Theatre. This incredibly talented company of actors will have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish...Directed by Brandon Walker, this production will draw you in and take you on a ride you did not see coming...Leading actress Erin Cronican gives a downright breathtaking performance as Theresa Bedell...A stunningly captivating work of theatre, Boy Gets Girl was a homerun in every sense." - Times Square Chronicles

"OUTSTANDING REVIVALS. Now in its sixth season, The Seeing Place, located on East 26th Street in Manhattan, is currently staging two exceptional revivals in repertory: Boy’s Life by Howard Korder and Boy Gets Girl by Rebecca Gilman. It is the juxtaposition of these two plays, both focusing on gender relations, that resonates synergistically to enhance our appreciation of both." - A Seat on the Aisle

"With this pair of plays, The Seeing Place and its founders Ms. Cronican and Mr. Walker (she directs Boys’ Life and he the Gilman play) display a remarkable level of maturity as a theatrical enterprise in this, only its sixth season. This is definitely a company to watch." - Talkin' Broadway

BOY GETS GIRL -- Production Photos & Reviews .. | .. Download Press Kit

BOYS' LIFE -- Production Photos & Reviews .. | .. Download Press Kit


OTHELLO: February 26 - March 15, 2015

Starring Esther Chen, Erin Cronican*, John D'Arcangelo, Lex Daemon, Ian Moses Eaton*, Brisa Freitas, Logan Keeler, Daniel Micahel Perez, Lila Smith*, Carla Torgrimson*, Brandon Walker*. *Member AEA

"Passionate and Bold! The Seeing Place’s production of Othello is an exciting exhibition of what modern Shakespeare can be...Walker and Cronican's direction does a great job of making Othello exciting. Characters pop out from the audience, and suddenly, patrons are being interacted with in a fun, engaging way...The heart and drive of the ensemble and all the hard work that they put into this show is worth experiencing." - Theater is Easy

"OTHELLO is richly served by The Seeing Place’s focus on each individual character’s development and the emphasis on the human behavior among the characters onstage. The language is handled in a modern way, seemingly tailored to the actors’ most natural delivery style for his character. Generally, this works very well and brings a sense of present-day relevance to the plot...This Othello is fresh, entertaining and ever-relevant and the attention to every detail of the show from the acting to the pensive music to the clever staging of Othello and Desdemona’s deathbed to Desdemona’s wedding veil is obvious. Kips Bay is lucky to have this Theater Company in its ‘hood. See this show!" - Hi! Drama

"Right off the bat, The Seeing Place Theater makes it known that these won’t be the typical interpretations of some of the Bards most famous players...Don’t worry my drama lovers, you will get your fill as you watch the slow unraveling of Othello...Overall, it is just nice seeing this piece done in a new way and being able to capture the modern audience. I truly appreciate what this company is trying to accomplish." - Center on the Aisle

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THe LARAMIE PROJECT: June 13-29, 2014

Starring Kathryn Neville Browne*, Erin Cronican*, John D'Arcangelo, Elle Emerson, Logan Keeler, Jonathan Miles*, Christina Pastor, Brandon Walker*. *Member AEA

"FIVE STARS. Fourteen years has done little to affect the timeliness and poignancy of The Laramie Project, and The Seeing Place Theater in New York have gracefully captured the play’s beauty and power..." - Exeunt Magazine

"The power is in the story and in the telling. All you need are what The Seeing Place Theater has provided — a few chairs, a pair of chalkboards, and a dedicated troupe fully committed to the enterprise...There are only two categories of people who should see The Laramie Project: those who have never seen it before, and those who have." - Talkin' Broadway

"The Seeing Place Theater, now in its fifth year, has proved to be a bold and spirited force in independent theater, producing thoughtful works that are timelessly relevant to our cultural moment...I’ve never seen a company that felt so present and so invested in their work." - Letters from the Mezzanine

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TWO ROOMS with DYING CITY: February 21-March 9, 2014

TWO ROOMS Starring Alexandra Hellquist, Justin Hoch, Logan Keeler, and Lila Smith*. *Member AEA

DYING CITY Starring Erin Cronican* and Brandon Walker. *Member AEA

"The Seeing Place had done something very special, placing two separate works together to hit at the mind and the event unlike anything you've seen before." - New York Theatre Review

"A deeply compelling and richly provocative theatrical venture." - Talkin' Broadway

"Mesmorizing revival...These two aching shows leave you determined to make every second count. And the seconds spent at these two shows are well worth the time." - Reviews Off Broadway

"An admirable revival...a fine representation of the play[s] for those who didn’t get to catch it the first times around." - Theatre Is Easy

"Well done...I highly recommend this." - Stage Buddy

"As usual with the productions done by The Seeing Place, I strongly recommend seeing what’s happening onstage at this little theater in Hell’s Kitchen."
- Daily Actor


DYING CITY -- Production Photos & Reviews .. | .. Download Press Kit

TWO ROOMS -- Production Photos & Reviews .. | .. Download Press Kit


MEN IN WHITE: November 8-24, 2013

Starring Hillery Baker, Erin Cronican*, Stephen Dexter*, Jim DiMunno, Michael Gnat*, Mark Gorham*, Justin Hoch, Logan Keeler, Jessica Kelly, Adam Levinthal*, Nicole McLaughlin, Martine Moore, Brian Charles Rooney*, Frank Schiavone, Stewart Steinberg*, Brandon Walker*. *Member AEA

"Men In White has rarely been produced since [1933]. Now it is back, on view at ATA’s Sargent Theater in a solid production by the always-exciting Seeing Place Theater company." - Talkin' Broadway

"What I always enjoy about The Seeing Place is that the company puts the actors first. Its productions are always marked by an unbridled enthusiasm and raw talent that I don’t see on stage anywhere else." - Daily Actor

"The Seeing Place is to be commended for staging Men in White on a tight budget, with 16 actors covering 27 roles; and there’s much that’s admirable about what the cast accomplishes." - Off Off Online

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HAMLET, playing in rep with

Starring Alex Alcheh*, Alan Altschuler, David Arthur Bachrach*, Kristen Carbone, Erin Cronican*, Janice Hall*, Robert King*, Philip Lakin*, Oliver Lehne, Max-Lorn Krause, Brandon Walker*, and Jason Wilson. Co-Directed by Brandon Walker* and Erin Cronican*. *Member AEA

About R&G: "This skillfully and naturalistally performed production by The Seeing Place provided a thoroughly entertaining look at Shakespeare’s work in a new way." - Carey Purcell, Playbill

About Hamlet: "Voyeurism, simplified. That is the motto of The Seeing Place, one of those amazing up-and-coming shoestring-budget theater companies that manage to pull off compelling and gutsy productions of challenging plays in various pockets of the city." - Upstage Downstage

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A LIE OF THE MIND: March 1-17, 2013

Starring Alan Altschuler, Erin Cronican*, Janice Hall*, Mary Lahti, Philip Lakin*, Brandon Walker*, Magan Wiles* and Jason Wilson. Directed by Brandon Walker.* *Member AEA

"When people I know in theater ask me what growing company I think has its act together (horrible pun not intended), The Seeing Place is always the first that comes to mind." - Daily Actor

"The Seeing Place dives right in and never backs off. Their total commitment to this beast of a play is compelling and commendable." - Theater That Matters

"TOP PICK. The [Seeing Place] theatre is located just a stones throw from Studio 54 and offers the best theatre bang for your theatre buck" - The Examiner

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MISS JULIE: March 3-12, 2013

Starring Robert King*, Marnie Klar*, and Gabrielle Loneck. Directed by Erin Cronican.* *Member AEA

"Such consistent quality performances have resulted in high expectations whenever I walk into the [Seeing Place] theater...I’m happy to report neither show disappoints, keeping The Seeing Place’s winning streak going." - Daily Actor

"With a runtime of only about 90 minutes it packs a big punch...the show remains poignant to the very end." - Review Fix

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LOVE SONG: November 23 - December 9, 2012

Starring Erin Cronican*, Marnie Klar*, Javan Nelson, Brandon Walker* and Jason Wilson. Directed by Erin Cronican.* *Member AEA

"As close to perfect as LOVE SONG can get." - Cultural Capitol

"One of the best NYC theaters wows me again..." - Daily Actor

"Every performer is putting 101% of their heart and soul out on the stage and it’s a beautiful thing to watch." - Theatre is Easy

"This strong company of actors make their characters' personalities immediately felt, through nicely detailed arsenals of quirks, looks, and interaction." - NiteLife Exchange

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HALFRICAN-AMERICAN: November 25 - December 4, 2012

Written and Performed by Robert King* *Member AEA

"You will find yourself laughing with abandon and questioning your own views as you work your way through his personal minefield of race in America." - Marshall Mays, Kaleidoscope Theatre

"The Seeing Place Theater is the producing company giving New York audiences another chance to catch this fun and impacting work." -Aurin Squire, NY Theater Review

Production Information & Reviews .. |


DANNY...: July 26 - August 12, 2012, EXTENDED Aug 21-26, 2012

Starring Erin Cronican* and Brandon Walker*. Directed by Ariel Francoeur. *Member AEA

"TOP PICK!" - The Examiner

"The finest performances I saw this month." - Peter Filichia

"An intense experience - full of surprise, apprehension and unexpected tenderness." - Reviews Off Broadway

"The Seeing Place has finally arrived." - Best of Off Broadway

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THE LOVER: July 26 - August 12, 2012

Starring Erin Cronican* and Brandon Walker*. Directed by Ariel Francoeur. *Member AEA

"TOP PICK!...The acting is tamed, trained and treacherous." - The Examiner

"What The Seeing Place puts on stage is constantly worth seeing." - Daily Actor

"Two able actors, they handle the rich dialogue of Pinter and Shanley with a good deal of awareness and expertise." - Woman Around Town

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THREE SISTERS: March 9 - 25, 2012

With Alan Altschuler*, Kathleen Brower*, Brian Byus, Lee Cavellier, Michael Stephen Clay, Erin Cronican*, Mary Lahti, Justin Kress, Ned Baker Lynch, Daniel Perez, Elisa Pupko, David Sedgwick*, Daniela Thome, & Brandon Walker*. Directed by Brandon Walker. *Member AEA

"Sure to fulfill all your Indie Theater desires." -

"A true gift in a world drowning in digital abstraction" - Cultural Capitol

"I havenít seen a better indie theater value out there yet." - Daily Actor

"a commendable, ensemble-focused company." - Theater Online

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FOR PROFIT: March 11 - 20, 2012

Written and Performed by Aaron Calafato

Articles & Interviews about FOR PROFIT:

Around Noon (public radio show, aired Feb 28, 2012)

Student Loan Debt: The Responsibility of the Artist (via Occupy Student Debt)

Voices from the Field (via Pluck Magazine)

My Exploitation of the American Student (via Pluck Magazine)

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CLOSER: September 21 - October 9, 2011

Starring Erin Cronican*, Elyse Fisher, Nick Velkov*, and Brandon Walker*. Directed by Alan Gordon. *Member AEA

"Completely riveting." - Theatre is Easy

"Undeniable chemistry." - Daily Actor

"The best deal you can get on or off Broadway." - Cultural Capitol

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SCOTCH KISS: September 26 - October 9, 2011

with Mary Anisi*, Amanda Baker*, Kathleen Brower*, Michael Stephen Clay, Debbie Friedlander*, Ned Baker Lynch, Rhonda Musak*, and David Sedgwick*. Directed by Reesa Graham and Brandon Walker. *Member AEA

Scotch Kiss was inspired by true events and developed through improvisation by The Seeing Place Ensemble.

"The emotional conflict grabs the heart...touching." - Backstage

"Packs a heavy load of emotional intensity." - Theater is Easy

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TWELFTH NIGHT: March 30 - April 16, 2011

with David Arthur Bachrach*, Michael Clay, Erin Cronican*, Jorge Hoyos, Michael Jefferson, Ben Leasure, Ned Lynch, Nathan Ramos, David Sedgwick*, Anna Marie Sell*, Lindsay Teed* & Brandon Walker*. Directed by Brandon Walker *Member AEA

"The Seeing Place brought their characteristic (and indefatigable) enthusiasm to the piece...sincerely and without affectation." - Broadway World

"Universal, human, and real... each gesture is natural and believable." - Show Business Weekly

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by John Osborne

LOOK BACK IN ANGER: October 13-30, 2010

With Erin Cronican*, Rick Delaney*, Adam Reich*, Anna Marie Sell*, Brandon Walker* and Adrian Wyatt. Directed by Reesa Graham. *Member, AEA   

"CRITIC'S PICK!" - French Quarters, NY

"If you like serious theatre, this is the real deal." - Three Tomatoes

"Well worth the price of admission." - Theatre Knights (And Daze)

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by Clifford Odets

WAITING FOR LEFTY: June 9 - 26, 2010

with Margret Avery, David Arthur Bachrach*, Steven Beckingham*, Christoper Bischoff, Jon Dalin, John Gazzale, John Greenleaf*, Norah Elise Johnson, Ned Lynch, Tyler Moss*, Dothan Negrin, Gregory Jon Phelps, Adam Reich*, Anna Marie Sell*, Bonnie Singer, Nick Velkov*, Brandon Walker*, and Jamie Watson*. Directed by Reesa Graham and Brandon Walker. *Member AEA

"I loved the performers’ enthusiasm for the material." - Show Business Weekly

"Rich in period detail, and lovingly acted." - Theater Online

"A company that takes their work as seriously as this one does, and delivers results that prove how effective that work is." - Theatre Knights (And Daze)

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WHEN WE HAVE GONE ASTRAY: February 3-21, 2010

with Heather Lee Harper, Joseph Mancuso, and Brandon Walker.* Directed by Kaitlin Colombo. *Member AEA

"They gave a full out performance. And the acting was terrific. Kaitlin Colombo has coached her three actors into giving extremely truthful, engaging performances. I found myself truly moved." - Talk Entertainment

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HOT CRIPPLE: February 3-21, 2010

Starring Hogan Gorman. Directed by Quin Gordon.

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by Keith Bunin

THE CREDEAUX CANVAS: Sept 9-13. Extended: Oct 14-18, 2009

With Margret Avery, Joseph Mancuso, Jerilyn Sackler*, Anna Marie Sell*, and Brandon Walker*. Directed by Lillian Wright. *Member AEA

" Five stars! It's exciting to see a young company take so many risks. Both funny and heart-breaking, and the acting is first-rate. Catch it while you can." - Theater Online

"This is what off-off Broadway theatre is about. A great play. A good cast." - Theater is Easy

"As evenings of theatre go, this one is worth checking out." -

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