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Ensemble Members of The Seeing Place (2019)


Brandon Walker
Producing Artistic Director

Hailing from San Diego as the child of Scottish and Black parents, Brandon (they/them) has served as The Seeing Place Theater's Producing Artistic Director since 2009. Before moving to New York, they were the Associate Artistic Director of Poor Players Theatre Company in San Diego for six years, where they acted in over 20 Shakespearean productions. They have also produced with Life Out Loud and Actors Alliance of San Diego. They are an award winning actor, director, producer, acting coach, playwright, singer, musician, and composer.

Brandon has a passion for organic theatre, and is heavily committed to the craft of acting. They have spent 13 years training as both a student and assistant of David Gideon, who is the former Director of The Lee Strasberg Institute and the premier teacher of Lee Strasberg's work. Brandon also studied with Francis Gercke (a former student of David Gideon's) at Actors Approach, San Diego's Professional Acting Workshop.

They were nominated for a New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role for his performance as Danny in The Seeing Place Theater's Off-Broadway production of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea.

Brandon has directed many plays and readings with The Seeing Place, where they have also acted in many productions and led several workshops of new plays - most notably the World Premieres of Scotch Kiss, When We Have Gone Astray, The People Vs Antigone, and The Hysteria of Dr Faustus, which were written for The Seeing Place Ensemble and developed through improvisation (see right column for details).

Regional favorites include: West of the 5 (Charles) - La Jolla Playhouse (directed by Jackson Gay); Androcles and the Lion (Lelio) - Old Globe Theatre; And A Nightingale Sang (Eric Parker) - Barnstormers Theatre; A Moon for the Misbegotten (Mike Hogan), The Tempest (Caliban) - North Coast Repertory Theatre; A Christmas Carol (Dick Wilkins) - Sierra Repertory Theatre; Two Gentlemen of Verona (Proteus), Playboy of the Western World (Shawn Keogh) - New Village Arts Theatre; Marat/Sade (Duperret) - ion Theater; Dog Act (Bud), Fall (Gopal) - Moxie Theatre; This Is Our Youth (Dennis) - Life Out Loud; Romeo and Juliet (Romeo), Titus Andronicus (Saturninus), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Puck), Measure for Measure (Pompey/Claudio), Taming of the Shrew (Hortensio), and Coliolanus (Brutus) - Poor Players.

As a writer and director, Brandon also developed The Most Lamentable Comedy and Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisbe with Poor Players Theatre Company, which was a the full Mechanicals' Story from A Midsummer Night's Dream created as a touring production for kids.

Member AEA.

Twitter: @OhBrandonWalker

Facebook: OhBrandonWalker

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Roles with The Seeing Place

Vera Similitude in Dog Act (online - 2021)

Walter in Keely and Du (online - 2020)

Theseus/Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream (online - 2020)

Napoleon (and others) in Animal Farm (2020)

Duke Vincentio in Measure for Measure (2019)

B1/B2/Michael Black in A Number (2019)

Dr Faustus in The Hysteria of Dr Faustus (2018)

Yank in The Hairy Ape (reading - 2018)

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf in I Am My Own Wife (2018)

Jack in Jack Goes Boating (2017)

Clive/Cathy/Soldier in Cloud 9 (2017)

2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark in Our Country's Good (reading - 2017)

Macbeth in Macbeth (2016)

Berenger in Rhinoceros (2016)

Winston in 1984 (reading - 2016)

Katurian in The Pillowman (2015)

Mercer Stevens in Boy Gets Girl (2015)

Jack in Boys' Life (2015)

Iago in Othello (2015)

Actor 1 in The Stranger (workshop 2014)

Stephen Belber track in The Laramie Project (2014)

Peter / Craig in Dying City (2014)

George Ferguson in Men In White (2013)

Hamlet in Hamlet (2013)

Hamlet in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (2013)

Jake in A Lie of the Mind (2013)

Beane in Love Song (2012)

Danny in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (2012)

Richard in The Lover (2012)

Andrey in Three Sisters (2012)

Dan in Closer (2011)

Malvolio in Twelfth Night (2011)

Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger (2010)

Sid in Waiting for Lefty (2010)

Ira in When We Have Gone Astray (2010)

Winston in The Credeaux Canvas (2009)


Behind the Scenes with The Seeing Place

Co-Director for Keely and Du (online - 2020)

Co-Director for A Midsummer Night's Dream (online - 2020)

Director for Dutchman (online - 2020)

Writer & Co-Director for Animal Farm (2020)

Director for Measure for Measure (2019)

Director for 'night, Mother (2019)

Writer for The Hysteria of Dr Faustus (2018)

Writer/Director for The People vs Antigone

Director for My Name is Rachel Corrie (2018)

Co-Director for Cloud 9 (2017)

Director for Macbeth (2016)

Director for After The Revolution (reading - 2016)

Director for Rhinoceros (2016)

Dramaturg for Getting Out (2016)

Co-Director for The Pillowman (2015)

Director for Gidion's Knot (2015)

Director for Boy Gets Girl (2015)

Co-Director for Othello (2015)

Writer / Dramaturg for The Stranger (workshop 2014)

Co-Director for The Laramie Project (2014)

Director for Two Rooms (2014)

Co-Director for Hamlet (2013)

Co-Director for Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (2013)

Director for A Lie of the Mind (2013)

Dramaturg for Miss Julie (2013)

Director for Three Sisters (2012)

Writer for Scotch Kiss (2011)

Director for Twelfth Night (2011)

Director for Waiting for Lefty (2010)

Writer for When We Have Gone Astray (2010)


Erin Cronican
Executive Artistic Director

Erin Cronican (she/her/hers) is an award-winning actor/singer who is perhaps best known for originating the role of Cindy in the national tour of the Off-Broadway hit Suds, The Rockin' 60s Musical Soap Opera. She was recently seen in the Off Broadway musicals This One's For The Girls and Sistas. She also starred as Angie McKay in the first ever revival of 1960s Broadway musical, Subways Are For Sleeping and made her Off-Broadway debut in The Seeing Place's Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. Other New York productions, workshops and readings: North Atlantic (starring opposite Robert Cuccioli); Socks: The Musical (starring opposite Brenda Braxton & Matthew LaBanca), The Lady in Penthouse B (starring opposite Klea Blackhurst), God's Country (as Kathleen), and the demo recordings of Mr. Confidential (with Christine Ebersole and Howard McGillan) and Nab-A-Date (as Meaghan, opposite Brian Charles Rooney.) (See right column for productions with The Seeing Place.) Regional favorites include: The Last Five Years, Angels in America, Wit, My Fair Lady, Evita, Camelot, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, South Pacific, Macbeth and The Norman Conquests. Original productions include Current Nobody by Melissa James Gibson (workshop, La Jolla Playhouse), Oxygen (premiere & tour, San Diego Repertory Theater), Alice in Modernland, and O'Mary's. Film & TV: She has appeared on the TV shows Veronica Mars, Guiding Light, and One Life to Live, and has done countless films and web series, including Cold Souls with Paul Giamatti. (IMDB)

Erin is an award-winning producer and director and has directed and co-directed 21 plays for The Seeing Place (see right column for details.) Directing outside of TSP includes Judd Lear Silverman's two character play, Correct Address (Actors Alliance Festival - Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Production, and Outstanding Acting awards for both actors), and Edward Musto's Shutterbug (Midtown International Theater Festival.) She was the Associate Artistic Director of Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company, based in San Diego, as well as the Creative Producer for the dual productions of Perfect Teeth/DickPix at TheaterLab.

In her "outside" life, Erin spends much of her time as an activist for causes that mean a lot to her, including those supporting the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. She is also passionate about spreading the word about metastatic breast cancer - an uncurable, woefukly ignored Stage IV disease that Erin was diagnosed with in November 2018.

As far a other ongoing projects and "day" jobs: Erin is the founder of The Actors’ Enterprise - a career coaching service for actors, founder of the ACTOR-OWN Musical Theater Collective, and is co-founder of the networking event: NY Actors Tweetup. She is also on the board of Mark Janas' The Salon Open Mic, 6-time winner of the prestigious Best Open Mic/Recurring Series award by the Manhattan Association of Clubs & Cabarets.

Training: Pepperdine University.



Twitter: @ErinCronican

Instagram: @Erin_Cronican

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Roles with The Seeing Place

Rozetta Stone in Dog Act (online - 2021)

Keely in Keely and Du (online - 2020)

Helena/Quince/Peaseblossom in A Midsummer Night's Dream (online - 2020)

Lula in Dutchman (online - 2020)

Snowball (and others) in Animal Farm (2020)

Solange in The Maids (2019)

Jessie in 'night, Mother (2019)

Mephistopheles in The Hysteria of Dr Faustus (2018)

Rachel Corrie in My Name is Rachel Corrie (2018)

Connie in Jack Goes Boating (2017)

Edward/Lin in Cloud 9 (2017)

Reverend Johnson / Liz Morden in Our Country's Good (reading - 2017)

Lady Macbeth in Macbeth (2016)

Emma in After The Revolution (reading - 2016)

Arlene in Getting Out (2016)

Julia in 1984 (reading - 2016)

Corryn Fell in Gidion's Knot (2015)

Theresa Bedell in Boy Gets Girl (2015)

Desdemona in Othello (2015)

Actor 5 in The Stranger (workshop 2014)

Mercedes Herroro track in The Laramie Project (2014)

Kelly in Dying City (2014)

Laura Hudson in Men In White (2013)

Ophelia in Hamlet (2013)

Ophelia in Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (2013)

Beth in A Lie of the Mind (2013)

Molly in Love Song (2012)

Roberta in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (2012)

Sarah in The Lover (2012)

Masha in Three Sisters (2012)

Anna in Closer (2011)

Maria in Twelfth Night (2011)

Helena Charles in Look Back in Anger (2010)


Behind the Scenes with The Seeing Place

Director for Dog Act (online - 2021)

Co-Director for Keely and Du (online - 2020)

Co-Director for A Midsummer Night's Dream (online - 2020)

Co-Director for Animal Farm (2020)

Director for The Maids (2019)

Director for A Number (2019)

Director for The Hysteria of Dr Faustus (2018)

Director for The Hairy Ape (reading - 2018)

Director for I Am My Own Wife (2018)

Director for Jack Goes Boating (2017)

Co-Director for Cloud 9 (2017)

Director for Getting Out (2016)

Dramaturg for Rhinoceros (2016)

Director for Necessary Targets (reading - 2016)

Director for 1984 (reading - 2016)

Dramaturg for The Pillowman (2015)

Director for Boys' Life (2015)

Co-Director for Othello (2015)

Director /Co-Writer/Dramaturg for The Stranger (workshop 2014)

Co-Director for The Laramie Project (2014)

Director for Men In White (2013)

Co-Director for Hamlet (2013)

Co-Director for Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (2013)

Director for Miss Julie (2013)

Director for Love Song (2012)


Laura Clare Browne
Ensemble Member

Laura Browne is an actress, writer, and comedian hailing from Westchester, New York. She recently graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in Drama and a minor in Television/Film, focusing on screenwriting. In addition to Laura's work with The Seeing Place, she does stand-up comedy, writes and performs sketch comedy, and teaches improv to teens from all five boroughs of NYC, as a part of Irondale's STEM to STEAM program. 

Instagram: @swaggiebrowne

Twitter: @LBwithanE


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Roles with The Seeing Place

Hippolyta/Titania/Snug in A Midsummer Night's Dream (online - 2020)

Squealer (and others) in Animal Farm (2020)


Robin Friend
Ensemble Member

This is Robin’s fourth season with The Seeing Place Theater. You may have seen him in Getting Out, Macbeth, Cloud Nine, and/or in last season’s production of Measure for Measure. In addition to acting Robin also moonlights as a gymnast/circus performer. He’s flipped off rooftops for Nintendo, climbed scaffolds for Tommy Hilfiger, and rappelled from ceilings (in full alien garb) for TruTV. If you’re into Web Series you can also catch him in the award laden ‘The Honey Trapper’ (season 2 coming soon). He thinks Erin and Brandon rock and looks forward to seeing you sometime in TSP’s Season 10!


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Roles with The Seeing Place

Bud in Dog Act (online - 2021)

Cole in Keely and Du (online - 2020)

Claudio/Pompey in Measure for Measure (2019)

Harry/Edward in Cloud 9 (2017)

Angus/Murderer 2 in Macbeth (2016)

Evans/Ronnie in Getting Out (2016)


Behind the Scenes with The Seeing Place

Choreography for Cloud 9 (2017)

Fight Direction for Macbeth (2016)

Assistant Director for Getting Out (2016)



Barbara Haas
Ensemble Member

Barbara Haas (Babs) was described by one reviewer as “eats life with both hands” for her portrayal of Ethel in ON GOLDEN POND in regional theatre. Her enthusiasm is as great playing piano for a production as for unearthing the humanity of ‘a villain’ in another, and she thrills to discover new layers and behaviors in ongoing craft exercises, which puts her in the lap of The Seeing Place. Bisexual, she spent several years with the former Triangle Theatre, winning “Boston’s best performers ‘91” for her portrayal of Felicity in THE SHADOW BOX, though she’s more known as Lorraine Bracco’s mom Aida Melfi on THE SOPRANOS. Her Neighborhood Playhouse-trained, lifelong professional theatre/film roles are documented on IMDB and Actors Access and available by request. Favorite role YENTL. Treasured associations include her years with Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, where she was mercilessly toyed with by Tom Hanks in more than one classic. She’s also a standardized patient in the NY area, bringing her acting/coaching skills to the medical education field, which she first piloted in Cleveland 36 years ago. A Brooklyn native, Babs has five grandchildren who live too far away.



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Roles with The Seeing Place

Coming to our stage soon!



William Ketter
Associate Producer: Outreach

Originally from Minneapolis, Will moved into NYC after graduating from Hofstra University's BFA program in 2018 in order to pursue his career as an actor and theatermaker. With The Seeing Place Will appeared in Measure for Measure as Angelo. He has worked with several Shakespeare companies, such as Stag and Lion and The Fools and Kings Project. In addition to The Seeing Place, Will is a member of EPIC players, a neuro-diverse company. He appeared in The Little Prince as the Aviator with them. Diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome as a child, inclusivity is very important to Will. He hopes to continue to explore his craft through the lens of his disability, serve as inspiration for people on the fringes of society, and create spaces for disabled folks to make their own art.


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Roles with The Seeing Place

Dog in Dog Act (online - 2021)

Demetrius/Flute/Fairy/Mustardseed in A Midsummer Night's Dream (online - 2020)

Old Major (and others) in Animal Farm (2020)

Angelo/Barnardine in Measure for Measure (2019)


Juanes Montoya
Ensemble Member

Bio coming soon


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Photo coming soon


Roles with The Seeing Place

Oscar in Sweat (online - 2021)


David Nikolas
Ensemble Member

David is a Philadelphia-based artist who made his off-Broadway debut in a 2018 revival of Gemini in the lead role of Fran at the venerable Theatre Row in Hell's Kitchen. On screen, David has worked with billion-dollar director Zack Snyder on the Netflix feature "Army Of The Dead", as well as in supporting roles for independent features such as "The Finders" in 2016; you’ve also seen him on television in AMC’s "Dispatches From Elsewhere", as a two-day champion on Jeopardy! in 2006, and in various local commercials. David has also served as director for several productions, including The Sunken Living Room in 2018 and The Last Five Years in 2020. Educated at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, David is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and of Actors’ Equity, where he serves as Vice Chair of the Philadelphia Liaison Area committee. A life-long Jersey boy, David was raised in Clifton and now resides in Hamilton with his wife Jamie and their dogs Bruce and Maya.



Twitter: @TheDavidNikolas

Instagram: @david.nikolas.nj


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Roles with The Seeing Place

Stan in Sweat (online - 2021)


Jon L Peacock
Ensemble Member

Originally from the Arizona desert, Jon (he, they) is a Brooklyn-based artist. Jon was born a Gemini, and has felt the twins of this mythology within them from as early as they remember. Tall, with a low voice, and usually sporting some sort of facial hair, they do not mind you referring to them as 'him' at all, regardless of how they see themself. With their BA in Acting and Theater Arts from Arizona State, where they studied under Circle Rep’s Founding Artistic Director, Marshall W. Mason, Jon expanded their creative education with an MFA in Creative Writing at Long Island University: Brooklyn Campus. Jon’s artistic career has been varied; as an artist their focus can go from acting to writing, directing, producing, mentoring & teaching young artists, music, and more. They are a recipient of the prestigious Barrymore Award in Acting (ensemble work), which is Philadelphia’s Tony Awards, for the world premier of LITTLE ROCK, playing eleven characters to help tell the story of the Little Rock Nine.



Twitter: @jonLpeacock

Instagram: @jonLpeacock


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Roles with The Seeing Place

Coke in Dog Act (online - 2021)

Egeus/Puck/Philostrate in A Midsummer Night's Dream (online - 2020)



Hailey Vest
Ensemble Member

Hailey Vest is a New York based actor originally from Vail, Colorado. She holds a Performing Arts BFA from SCAD, and recently graduated the two year conservatory Meisner program at the The Maggie Flanigan Studio in NYC.  She continues her love of comedy and improv studying at The Magnet Theatre. Her most notable roles include Emily Baker on CBS’s "Bull," Becky Shaw from Becky Shaw, and Little Red from Into the Woods.  When Hailey isn’t writing and producing her own work, she side hustles as a Personal Trainer and artist.  She is excited to join The Seeing Place and cannot wait to be a part of the magic of Season 10!



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Roles with The Seeing Place

Jo-Jo the Bald Faced Liar in Dog Act (online - 2021)


Behind the Scenes with The Seeing Place

Stage Manager for Dutchman (online - 2020)


Weronika Helena Wozniak
Ensemble Member

Weronika comes to New York City from the land of pierogi - Poland. She was born in Poznan and lived most of her life in Wroclaw. She graduated from the Conservatory at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and since 2016 has performed on numerous Off and Off-Off-Broadway stages.  Selected theatre: The Jewish Question (Sandra Kahn Wasserman Jewish Studies Center), The Video Games (Off-Broadway, Elektra Theatre), Vandals (The Tank, Dixon Place), Detective Story (Heights Players), Two Foscari by Lord Byron (Off-Broadway, Davenport Theatre), Octopi Wall Street (Hollywood Fringe Festival ‘19), Three Sisters (Columbia University), Sex v. Love Musical (Dixon Place). She’s also working with the Polish Theatre Institute in NY where she continues to educate young generations of Polish-Americans about their mother-tongue and culture through theatre. She dedicates her spare time to studying languages, graphic design and writing poetry. She wishes that one day every gender, orientation, religion and race will be equally represented in theatre throughout the whole world.


Twitter: @WeronikaHelena

Instagram: @WeronikaHelena


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Roles with The Seeing Place

Narrator in Dog Act (online - 2021)

Lysander/Starveling/Moth in A Midsummer Night's Dream (online - 2020)


Shannon K Formas
Guest Artist - Stage Manager

Shannon K. Formas (she/her) is thrilled to be working on this production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and is excited for the world to see it.This is her third time working with The Seeing Place Theater. She holds degrees in both Theatre and English Literature and is a director, technician, stage manager, and actor. When Shannon is not working in the world of theatre she works in healthcare on Long Island and is working on becoming a NYS EMT. 


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Behind the Scenes with The Seeing Place

Stage Manager for Dog Act (online - 2021)

Stage Manager for A Midsummer Night's Dream (online - 2020)

Stage Manager for My Name is Rachel Corrie (2018)

Stage Manager for Cloud 9 (2017)



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