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Just Closed To Rave Reviews:

Men In White

"Refreshing and powerful." - What's On Off Broadway

"OTHELLO is as relevant as ever..." - ELJ

"The Seeing Place Theater makes it known that these won’t be the typical interpretations of some of the Bards most famous players" - Center on the Aisle

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The Seeing Place Theater is an actor-driven ensemble known for its intense and intimate work. We are forcefully committed to:

THE ACTOR'S PROCESS: Through robust table work and improvisation, we focus on honoring the actor's artistry in creating a character and building a story, which extends from rehearsal into performance.

ORGANIC STORYTELLING: Unlike other companies, we do not cement our choices in advance. What audiences see is a group of actors "in the moment" - delving deep within themselves and working off one another to tell a story that is fresh and alive night to night.


At only $15 a ticket, it kind of rocks, doesn't it?

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" In these recession strapped times, it's the best deal on or off Broadway."
- Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol

For our 6th Season we explore the theme:
"Sticks & Stones (And Names) May Break My Bones"

Our Sixth Season:
5 stories that blast apart our perceptions of victim shaming, name calling, gender bias, police corruption & race relations.

Feb 26-Mar 15, 2015
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Summer 2015
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Help us continue to create vital, compelling & affordable theater:

The Seeing Place Theater is a non-profit arts service organization.
Our 501c3 status will be finalized in 2015 and your contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


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