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TSP Main Stage

March 28-April 14, 2019

64 East 4th Street, Underground Space, NYC

The Duke of Vienna sets off on a diplomatic mission abroad and hands over power to the austere Lord Angelo, who enforces the city’s long-dormant moral code with draconian zeal. But when a pious young nun comes to Angelo to plead for the life of her doomed brother, she sets in motion a series of events that test the limits of human will, and reveal a tangled web of desire and deception.


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Human nature and the law often collide in Measure for Measure. As the play begins, the duke of Vienna announces he is going away and puts his deputy Angelo in charge of the state. Angelo immediately enforces a law prohibiting sex outside of marriage, sentencing Claudio to death for sleeping with Juliet, Claudio's now-pregnant fiancée.

Claudio's sister Isabella, a novice nun, appeals to Angelo to save her brother. But the supposedly pure Angelo demands that Isabella sleep with him to save Claudio. To Claudio's dismay, Isabella refuses.

The duke, who has remained in Vienna disguised as a friar, suggests that Angelo's jilted fiancée, Mariana, could take Isabella's place. Although the trick succeeds, Angelo orders Claudio beheaded anyway. The duke saves Claudio, but he tells Isabella that Claudio is dead.

The duke, resuming his identity, sentences Angelo to wed Mariana and then be put to death. But Mariana and Isabella plead for Angelo's life. Revealing that Claudio is alive, the duke pardons Angelo and proposes to Isabella.


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Lucio / Elbow   Rusty Flounders*
Claudio / Pompey / Friar Peter Thomas   Robin Friend
Angelo / Barnardine   William Ketter
Escalus / Abhorson   Jared Mason Murray*
Provost / Mistress Overdone / Mariana / Nun   Candice Oden*
Isabella / Juliet   Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia
Duke   Brandon Walker*
Playwright   William Shakespeare
Director & Producer   Brandon Walker
Stage Management   Mari Nagao
Lighting Design   Eve Bandi
Sound Design   Brandon Walker
Costume Design   Erin Cronican
Scenic Design   Mike Mroch
* indicates member of Actors' Equity Association



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(Photos by Russ Rowland.)




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Broadway World - "The Seeing Place Presents Two Classic Plays About Abuses Of Power Against Women"



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Reviews and Audience Response for MEASURE FOR MEASURE:


"Shakespeare Done Right. A worthy antidote [to predicatbly esoteric Shakespeare] is The Seeing Place’s rendition of The Bard’s Measure for Measure—though an intermittently choppy journey, a final destination whose modernized performances and dauntless direction seamlessly transmute 1603 into 2019. I approach every play I see with an impartial mind, but I can’t help sitting there waiting for a show to begin and judging what I haven’t seen yet based on how the set sits in silence, or how dusty the smell of creativity is. Which is why I enjoy The Seeing Place: There’s that dusty smell of creativity. And whether I end up liking the show or not, I know I’ll be party to something bold; something that paints outside the lines...I highly recommend looking more deeply into The Seeing Place and what two of the hardest working theater-makers in New York, Artistic Directors Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker, are all about." - Gregor Collins, Theater That Matters

"The Seeing Place Theater is quickly becoming one of my favorite off-Broadway companies...All of the actors have a keen sense of delivering Shakespeare’s verse which makes this production incredibly enjoyable...I encourage support for The Seeing Place Theater because their mission is simple and clear, and evidence demonstrates their achievement of it." - Virginia Jimenez, Times Square Chronicles

"Once again, another fabulous production masterminded by Brandon and Erin at Seeing Place Theater. They build on the foundation of the master Shakespeare and apply their own magic to bring modern relevance, intensity and passion to absorb us for a compelling three hours. Leaving us to walk away with their performance having become part of us." - Jeff Gaster, via Facebook

"Intelligent, Absorbing, Relevant, Clever, Refreshing. See it if you enjoy finding new things in Shakespeare. This innovative company always makes you see things in a different way. " - Teresa, Show Score

"98/100. Funny, Great staging, Great acting. The company was especially strong and talented. Especially Brandon Walker, Sabrina Schlegel-Mejia, Robin Friend, and Will Ketter." - Kuni Song, Show Score

"Thought-provoking, Must see, Hilarious, Great acting. I really enjoyed this performance. I wasn’t expecting much and don’t usually like Shakespeare, but I was really into it." - Laura 9091, Show Score

"Great staging, Great acting. See it if you want to see an understandable Shakespeare production. Everybody was so real." - J 7313, Show Score


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