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Scroll down to read what critics and audiences have been saying about August Strindberg’s haunting classic about status, sex and servitude.

With Robert King*, Marnie Klar*,
and Gabrielle Loneck

Directed by Erin Cronican

March 3 - 12, 2013
Sun @ 7pm; Mon @ 6pm & 9pm; Tue @ 7pm

The Seeing Place @ ATA's Sargent Theater
314 West 54th St. 4th Floor. NYC

“Status quos are made to be broken.” - Ray Davis

A flirtation between a young woman and her father's servant becomes a dance of power, dreams and violence swirling out of control. Written 125 years ago but deeply resonant today, Miss Julie is a psycho-sexual drama filled with obsession, ambition and manipulation, and remains August Strindberg's most compelling work.

Running time: 90 minutes, plus one 10 minute intermission.

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(Photos by Marc Briatack. Click either photo below for photo gallery.)




Chris McKittrick, Daily Actor - "When people I know in theater ask me what growing company I think has its act together (horrible pun not intended), The Seeing Place is always the first that comes to mind...Such consistent quality performances have resulted in high expectations whenever I walk into the [Seeing Place] theater...I’m happy to report neither show disappoints, keeping The Seeing Place’s winning streak going."

Jennifer Szulman, Review Fix - "The Seeing Place Theater is known for its warm ambiance with dim, minimal lighting and feel-good music that transition scenes. The audience’s chairs are only a few feet away from the stage action which facilitates the theater’s intimacy. “Miss Julie” is a short play with a runtime of only about 90 minutes but it packs a big punch...the show remains poignant to the very end."

JR Yussuf, Just J.R. - "The set is very minimalistic, containing only what is needed and only what is useful which I found quite similar to the acting style...The internal struggle within the actors while they remained in the moment stood out to me. It was obvious that these characters had complex dilemma's they were dealing with because their reactions to things were subtle and subdued and they had to be. The reasons for this weighed in heavily, and the way they walked the tight-rope of correctness, subordination and love was carefully [done]..."


Julie - Gabrielle Loneck
Jean - Robert King*
Kristin - Marnie Klar*

Creative Team:

Director - Erin Cronican+*
Producers - Brandon Walker+* & Erin Cronican+*
Costume & Properties Design - Gabrielle Loneck
Lighting Design - Christopher D'Angelo
Stage Management - Brandon Walker+*

+ = Company Member      |      * = Member of AEA


This production is produced alongside our mainstage production of Sam Shepard's A Lie of the Mind.






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