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Scroll down to read what folks have been saying about Marber's penetrating parable about modern love.

Directed by Alan Gordon

March 9-25, 2012
The Seeing Place @ ATA's Sargent Theater


starring Erin Cronican*, Elyse Fisher,
Nick Velkov*, and Brandon Walker*.

*Member AEA


The Seeing Place Theater, known for intensely intimate ensemble work, revives Marber’s penetrating parable of learning how to love in the modern world.

Meet Dan. 35 years old. A failed novelist. Stuck in a dead-end job, writing obituaries. He’s all but given up on life. His best relationship has been with his pen – until Alice, an enigmatic stripper, crashes into his world. Now, he’s got the girl. He’s got a new book coming out. But nothing seems to be enough. Chance intervenes again in the form of Anna, a passionate photographer. It’s true love all over – except she wants nothing to do with him… until after she marries Larry, a deviant dermatologist.

“ Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle. Love is a war. Love is a growing up..” – James Baldwin

A Tony Nominated and Olivier Award Winner, Closer has been called "one of the best plays of sexual politics in the language." - The Sunday Times

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(photos by Tasha Straley. Click image for production photos.)


"It takes a lot of guts – not to mention talent – for a small company to perform an award-winning play that was later turned into an award-winning film...There’s an added level of intense pressure to perform for an audience that comes in prepared with expectations of a work that they may have seen before done on a much higher budget...The entire cast maintains undeniable chemistry despite the fact that all four characters never seem to interact as a whole group during the entire play...Any weakness of this production stems from the nature of the original play itself, which is a huge compliment to the cast’s collective abilities. The fact that The Seeing Place offers its tickets at $10 – a bargain you hardly even find at bad high school productions of musicals – makes the case even stronger. Nonetheless, its production of Closer is a rare but welcome example of a cast which is stronger than its material..." Chris McKittrick - Daily Actor


"Overall the performances from the cast were strong, carrying the script’s unfolding emotions strongly enough for the story lines to remain completely riveting. The show’s use of background well to reflect the overall mood of the play...Thanks to both well-timed music and convincing performances, the play had not a single dull moment. BOTTOM LINE: The Seeing Place Theater gives a worthy performance of Patrick Marber’s brilliant script." Adrienne Urbanski - Theater is Easy


"This is the third season that I've attended shows at this growing theater company and "Closer" is my favorite production thus far! A show that deals with love, hurt, and reflection, "Closer" draws you into the lives of two couples struggling to make their relationships work." Adam Rothenberg - Adaumbelle's Quest


"The ensemble members of The Seeing Place draw the plot skein into a tight net to catch their characters and expose the deep fish that swim in their collective oceans of id... In these recession strapped times it’s the best deal you can get on or off Broadway." Will Kenton - Cultural Capitol


"Cronican, Walker & Fisher - Superb! Seamless, gimmick-free, deeply realized characterizations by this mostly solid cast. The Seeing Place Theater has a knack for this type of beautifully acted, rich work. I look forward to seeing more from this superb company!" rwatson225, audience review at


"As someone who has reviewed many shows for various theater organizations, I have to say that this production of Closer left me speechless and that's hard to do. The cast is very strong and told this story about missed connection and crimes of the heart with raw emotional conviction...Brandon Walker, Erin Cronican, Elyse Fisher and Nick Velkov literally act from their souls. It's like they take off their skin and become vulnerable flesh. The result is a compelling, outstanding theatrical experience. Go see this show NOW!!" folial, audience review at








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