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© Artwork by Fred Hatt. All Rights Reserved.

Written by Keith Bunin

September 2009
(extended into October)

Featuring: Margret Avery, Joseph Mancuso, Jerilyn Sackler*, Anna Marie Sell*, and Brandon Walker* *Members of Actors' Equity Association



The painter Jean Paul Credeaux has just been rediscovered by the art world. Meanwhile, back in the East Village, Jamie's father has died; he and his starving-artist roommate, Winston, don't even have a kitchen sink. To make matters worse, Jamie's father forgot him in the will, leaving his legacy of art dealings to charities and friends. Jamie's girlfriend, Amelia, can't keep a job to support her singing career. They are out of options, until Jamie has an idea for the three of them to forge a Credeaux painting (a nude portrait) and sell it to fund their dreams. Only one problem: Jamie doesn't paint... "The Credeaux Canvas" is a complex love story, shining a sharp light on the things we give up in the fight for what we want.


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The cast of 'The Credeaux Canvas'   The cast of 'The Credeaux Canvas'

The cast of 'The Credeaux Canvas'   The cast of 'The Credeaux Canvas'   The cast of 'The Credeaux Canvas'




" This is what off-off Broadway theatre is about. A great play. A good cast. The newly formed The Seeing Place Theater Company’s mission statement proclaims they "want to produce theatre we all want to believe in,” and they fully succeed with their inaugural production of Keith Bunin’s The Credeaux Canvas. They are definitely a company to watch." - Zak at


" As evenings of theatre go, this one is worth checking out." - Pamela Butler,


" Extremely talented cast and a beautifully written play with impeccable direction!" - Natasha Malinski,

" Terrific ensemble chemistry and relationships. Lovely to see such high caliber work and professionalism from this budding company." - Liliane Klein,


" Excellent performances. An intensely intimate production, perfectly scaled to the venue." - rdelaney,


" Well-acted, well-directed, and written beautifully. I am not normally someone who goes to the theater, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the show." - kimono9,


" Five stars! It's exciting to see a young company take so many risks. Both funny and heart-breaking, and the acting is first-rate. Catch it while you can." -









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