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For our 9th Season we bring you six stories that have their characters pushed to the edge - what happens when your life goes to extremes? What do we do in that critical moment of desperation? Through seminal works by Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize nominees, Tony winners, and masters of the theatrical canon, we are initiating a deep conversation about what it means to be human, and how these works reflect the trials and tribulations we experience in today's society. 

We open our season with a new adaptation of the enduring fables by Marlowe and Goethe:

Running Octoner 7-21, 2018. Tickets are now on sale for just $20.


Our full season will be announced on October 2 at #TSP24,
our first annual marathon play reading to celebrate the opening of the season. Click for more info.

We sure hope you'll join us for our landmark 9th Season and help us create a new conversation to connect with your fellow man. Perhaps, as Gandhi said, we together can be the change we wish to see in the world.


- Erin Cronican & Brandon Walker
Managing & Artistic Directors, The Seeing Place


For our 9th Season we explore the theme:

Six stories that shake our perceptions of freedom and oppression.
What is at the core of oppression? What happens when we lack the empathy to truly connect?



adapted by Brandon Walker

Directed by Erin Cronican

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. In what is probably the most enduring fable ever written, an old man gives his soul the devil in exchange for more time, for power, and happiness. Now, he can get whatever he wants - except fulfillment. Is it too late to change his mind? 

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by Cornelia Ravenal

TSP Unplugged Series- Fall 2018

A brand new play by local playwright and lyricist Cornelia Ravenal set on a hot summer night in New York City. Jane, hopped up on caffeine and little sleep, bursts into a laundromat determined to wash a change of clothes and leave the city forever. But a charming stranger forces her to confront her fears in a way that neither of them had ever imagined.

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Season To Be Announced at #TSP24 - Click for Reservations!





" In these recession strapped times, it's the best deal on or off Broadway."
- Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol



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