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The Seeing Place is an ensemble theater company of professional, hungry artists that have been producing critically-acclaimed organic theatre since 2009. We are currently looking to add to our ensemble, which meets every Monday night to develop its work through play readings, ensemble workshops and master classes. These are a free benefit of membership - there are no dues.

If interested in submitting, please read this page thoroughly and click the "submit" link at the bottom.

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First and foremost, we are a social-justice theater company and produce important plays by and about the following communities: women, LGBTQIA+, Golbal Majority, immigrants, and people with disabilities/chronic illnesses. We do not exclude other groups, but the actors we work with should be passionate about issues facing these communities and want to be a part of an ensemble making social change through theater. 

Artistically, we're dedicated to bringing the actor back to the level of Theater Maker, much like we saw with the Group Theater in the 1930s. We maintain a year-round ensemble of actors and directors that are mentored in all elements of producing theater, with hands-on apprenticeships in dramaturgy, fundraising, community outreach, marketing, artistic direction, digital/social media and theater management. The practice of theater making (from the moment the rights are granted to the last set piece being struck) is deeply satisfying for our ensemble of artists, who are passionate about having a say in the art they create.

Thus, we're looking for actors that want to create work for themselves and who are committed to constantly growing as artists and building their craft throughout rehearsal and performance. We are particularly interested in well trained actors with a good sense of themselves and some knowledge of the work of Strasberg, Meisner, Adler, Hagen, or Stanislavski - and an openness to explore plays in non-traditional ways. With a heavy focus on the craft, our ensemble trains together year-round using the rehearsal practices of The Group Theatre (including developing work by layering character and situation through structured improvisation, and using relaxation and sensorial exercises to connect the actor to their instrument.)



Actors begin at The Seeing Place as Artistic Associates, and as Associates they have access to:

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• Weekly master classes on topics like craft, scene study, and script analysis to strengthen the associates’ skills in our devised rehearsal process.

• Invitation to participate in our Theater-Maker Training program (see below for details.)

• Invitation to audition for mainstage productions.

• Devised rehearsal structure which embraces the actors' skills in ensemble-focused storytelling. 

• Unique position which can grow with your interests - the more you put in, the more artistic and developmental reward you'll receive.

• Inclusion in a theater company that has a proven track record, a passionate audience base, and a positive reputation with critics and industry alike.

• Those who feel at home in our ensemble and are engaged by our artistic and producing style may apply for permanent ensemble membership anytime after at least six months of associateship.



This is a full season commitment for actors who want more control over the art they create and have strong ideas about the plays they want to make. With that, preference will be given to those artists who have experience producing, marketing and/or fundraising, or those who are eager (and have the time) to learn.

We meet every Monday night from 6:30-10:30pm at a rehearsal studio in NYC (Manhattan.) Artistic Associates are invited to work alongside the permanent ensemble for as many Mondays as they are available.

Being a part of our year-round ensemble also includes teaming up with fellow members to support the producing efforts of the company throughout the year. This includes helping with box office, delivering postcards to area theaters/studios, helping with our fundraising events, encouraging friends/family/colleagues to attend our events, and generally working with our group to build The Seeing Place’s standing within the community.

To see information about our current ensemble and associates, please click here. And click here to read about The Seeing Place's commitment to diversity.

NOTE: Ensemble members and associates must have significant evening and weekend availability, as workshops, readings, rehearsals and performances tend to occur during those times.



Casting for Season 12 (2021-2022)

NOTE: We are looking for NYC LOCAL ACTORS ONLY.

We tell stories by and about individuals from the following communities:

* People of the Global Majority
* People with Disabilities/Chronic Illnesses
* Immigrants
* Women

Thus, we are specifically seeking actors from these communities.

NOTE: As we are a year-round ensemble, some roles have already been cast with current ensemble members.



by Margaret Edson
Pre-production begins: late October 2021
Rehearsals begin: mid November 2021
Performances: December 26, 2021 - January 16, 2022

Margaret Edson's powerfully imagined Pulitzer Prize-winning play examines what makes life worth living through her exploration of one of existence's unifying experiences mortality while she also probes the vital importance of human relationships.



Harvey Kelekian, M.D. (45-70+, male presenting, Global Majority/BIPOC) - Chief of Medical Oncology, who oversees medical fellows and is set in his ways. This actor will also play Vivian's father, Mr. Bearing, in a flashback to Vivian's childhood days.

E.M. Ashford, Ph.D. (Age 50-70+, female presenting, Global Majority/BIPOC) - Vivian's college professor and mentor. A passionate and exacting educator. The character is seen in the present day and in flashbacks to Vivian's college days.


ALREADY CAST (seeking possible replacements):

Vivian Bearing, Ph.D. (40+, female presenting) - A tough professor of literature and Stage IV cancer patient, who puts education and research above all else in her life. The character is seen in the present day and in numerous flashbacks to younger years.

Jason Posner, M.D. (late 20s-early30s, male presenting) - A passionate medical fellow with a blind side for humanity.  

Susie Monahan, R.N. (20s-30s, any underrepresented gender) - Vivian's oncology nurse. Very caring and empathic in the face of a rigid system.

Ensemble (Age 20-30s, all genders, persons of color) - Two actors will play various roles of Lab Techs, Clinical Fellows, Vivian's students, and Code Team and actively create the world of the play throughout.

A World Premiere by Brandon Walker
Performances: TBA Late Spring 2022

Inspired by real events, THE QUEER WITCH CONSPIRACY is a mystical crime drama about how a bone-stealing witch sparked a revolution regarding race, gender, and spirituality.


ALREADY CAST (seeking possible replacements):

Pala (Age 30s-40s, gender non-conforming) - Leader of the Queer Witch Group and trying desperately to reconnect to their Indigenous roots. Just a bit too loose with rules, anti-authority, and under great pressure from internet trolls.

Jadis (Age 20s-30s, gender non-conforming) - A long-term member of the Queer Witch Group, Black-identifying, who has recently come out as trans. They are receiving numerous threats of violence, responding to a post online about sharing bones from a nearby cemetery in New Orleans.

Nas (Age 20s-40s, male presenting, Latino) - A proud Latino man and self-identified Queer Witch (from any walk of LGBTQIA+ life), who does volunteer work at a poor cemetery in New Orleans. Lower class and poorly educated, but exceedingly perceptive, discerning, and intelligent. Must be comfortable speaking basic Spanish.

Mabel/Mae (Age 20s-30s, female presenting) - Moderator for the Queer Witch Group, bisexual, interested in women and looking for love. A stickler for the a fault. A natural leader.

Asriel/Dennis (Age 20s-30s, male presenting) - A new member of the Queer Witch Group, neuro-diverse and questioning gender. Definitely a contrarian with a bit of a chip on the shoulder from a bad breakup with Anya.

Willow/Anya (Age 20s-30s, female presenting) - A long-term member of the Queer Witch Group, bisexual, from an immigrant family, and newly reformed wiccan with a penchant for "accidental" cultural appropriation. A bit in her own world and very frustrated by the fact that Dennis seems to be stalking her and has destroyed the safety of her space.

Elsa/Elisabeth (30s-40s, female presenting) - An empath and blogger with a White Savior complex and a vague interest in witchcraft, who has recently become a homebody due to disability. She goes undercover to get to the bottom of the bones scandal and scrambles to make up for the consequences of her actions.

1-2 more plays TBA
Performances: Mid-Late Fall 2022


NOTE: Actors of all ages/types are welcome to submit anytime, but we may hold onto your submission until a slot opens up in your type category.



We produce under the AEA Showcase Code, which offers modest transportation reimbursement and stipends for production rehearsals and performances. There is no salary.

For our Mainstage Productions: We typically offer $500-$1000 per production, and will always aim for more. All stipends are subject to Most Favored Nations rules, even for the creative team. (No artist will be paid more than any actor, including staff.)

For our Ripple For Change Series: Stipends range from $150-$250 per reading. We use Theater Authority's agreement, which governs benefits for fundraisers featuring union members.

Our intention is to build to a Transition or Mini Contract (Off-Broadway contracts for small theaters) by the 2022-2023 season.

Non-monetary compensation for the 2021-2022 Season includes weekly participation in readings, weekly workshops and master classes in craft & business, social events, on-the-job training in producing elements, and an actor-focused, creatively rich approach to our art. These are offered free of charge to members.

There are no financial membership dues.


Theater-Maker Training Program:

Select members who demonstrate commitment to ensemble work & passion for self-producing may be invited to join our Self-Producing Training Program. All participants get hands-on training in one specific area of producing per mainstage production cycle:

Audience and Donor Development
Company Management
Digital Media
Fundraising & Events
Grants & Major Gifts
Patron & Volunteer Services
Production Management
Public Relations
Social Media & Online Promotions

Participants are also given personal mentorship in leadership, team-building, goal-setting, and the craft of acting.

Those who excel in the Training Program course of a season may be considered for an Associate Producer position. Associate Producers are given an exclusive management position at the company level, and receive the added benefits of the possibility of directing and/or writing mainstage shows, helping select plays for production, and being an ongoing, integral part of the executive production team.

Click here to learn about our current ensemble and artistic associates.


To Submit:

If interested in becoming a member of our company, please fill out our audition form and attach your headshot & resume as well as a link to a video of you performing a short monologue from a play (No Shakespeare please - we’d prefer contemporary pieces.)

NOTE: Each season we have many private and public performances, with plays ranging from classical to contemporary, comedic to dramatic. Therefore, it's important to us that we get a sense of "you" and where you think you might fit within a year-round acting ensemble.

Select applicants will then be called in for in-person callbacks in NYC October 2 & 3, 2021

Deadline to submit: October 1, 2021 - 5pm

Click here to submit your materials


We're looking forward to hearing from you!




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